Great Part-Time Jobs for Seniors Looking to Stay in the Workforce

October 18, 2019

More and more senior citizens are coming out of retirement to work a part-time job.  Whether it be for financial reasons, or just to stay busy, many older workers are being hired in a variety of positions.  My Dad, who is currently 73, drives a bus for a hotel chain.  He takes many people to the airport or the mall or local restaurants.  He enjoys this job very much because he talks with people from all over the country and makes a decent salary, including tips for hauling luggage to and from the bus.  There are a variety of jobs that senior citizens can do and hopefully this blog will give some informative suggestions for those looking for a part-time job.  Many of our residents at Normandie Ridge and RiverWoods Senior Living Communities work part-time jobs.  We also have working participants at our Albright LIFE sites in Lancaster, Lebanon and Williamsport.

• Help with the 2020 Census- The U.S. Census Bureau wants to hire more than half a million temporary workers to help with next year’s survey of the nation’s population.  AARP reports mid-September through February is a peak recruiting phase for 2020 Census workers.  The workers who are hired will go door to door to conduct interviews with people who haven’t filled out the survey. These jobs can be a great fit for older workers because the hours are flexible and the pay is competitive.  Often times, those who are hired are working in their own neighborhoods, so people may know them and feel comfortable interviewing with them.  People who are interested in applying for census jobs can apply online at 2020census/jobs.
• Work as an Umpire or Referee- For those who enjoy youth sports, this could be a great option.  You can look for these positions in various high school program, youth leagues and even amateur leagues.  Those who don’t mind traveling, standing for long periods of time or outdoor elements would be great for this position.  According to AARP, umpires and referees can make $30 to $50 a game or for travel teams and private leagues, you could make up to $75 per game.  You need to be good with children and have a general knowledge of the game you are refereeing.  A training course and test may also be required.
• Try being a Teacher’s Aide- You need a high school diploma and on-the-job training to secure this position and in some school districts, other degrees may be required.  The hours are generally 3 to 5 days a week for six hour periods during the school year.  Teacher’s Aide’s make approximately $20,000 annually.  The main purpose of the job is to assist the teacher in helping students.  If you enjoy working with kids, this could be a great job.  Summer school hours may also be available in some school districts.  You can check with the school districts near you for open Teacher’s Aide positions.
• Serve as a tour guide- If you live near a museum or a tourist attraction, being a tour guide could be both educational and enjoyable.  If you are good storyteller or a history buff, this is the ideal position for you.  If you don’t live near any monuments, try serving samples at a winery or brewery or doing bus or boat tours for tourists.  You can also look at local state parks for tour guide positions. Schedules for these positions vary along with the pay.  Most tour guides receive on-the-job training.
• Be a tax preparer- If you are good with numbers or have an accounting background, tax preparation can be a great part-time position.  Tax preparers typically work long hours through tax season, but then they have light schedules the rest of the year.  Many chain tax preparation companies are looking for workers and pay about $12.00 an hour.
• Try pet sitting or dog walking- If you are an animal lover, this a perfect side job for you.  There are plenty of dog walking apps and pet sitting apps, where you can register and see what jobs are available near you.  Often times, dog walkers are needed during the day when their owners are at work, so the hours may be perfect for someone looking to do something part-time.  And if you love dogs, you will love this job.  You can get some exercise, make a new friend and get paid while doing it.
• Try your hand at consulting- If you loved your career, but just didn’t want to continue with it full-time, a consultant position could be a great option.  Turn your expertise and experience into a great part-time job.  You could work for your old employer or find a position with another company in your field.
• Help tutor students- If you are a retired teacher, this is an excellent part-time position that pays well.  Retired teachers have the educational background and experience to help students with challenging subjects, preparing for exams and assisting in raising their grades.  There are flexible work options for tutors that could make this the perfect job.

• Work as a bookkeeper- If you have used accounting software programs such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel, this is a job you can step back into at any age.  Often companies will allow you to balance their books when it is convenient for them, so this job offers a lot of flexibility.
• Do what I do!  Write a blog- Many non-profit organizations and companies would like to maintain a blog, but may not have the staff to do it.  You could work as a freelance writer for a company or organization hoping to have an interesting blog on a number of topics.

As expenses and the cost of living rises, thousands of senior citizens are working to make ends meet. The New York Post reports close to one in five Americans 65 or older are still working, the highest percentage in more than half a century.  There are also lots of seniors who just want to stay involved in the workforce or learn new skills.  My Dad would say he works for both the financial benefit, but also to stay active and sharp.  He also would recommend his position as a bus driver to anyone who enjoys helping people get to where they need to be.  He said he goes home feeling accomplished and can choose the shifts he wants to work.  AARP says health can be a big factor in deciding to retire and stay retired.  But many folks who are healthy and active come out of retirement to start a part-time career.